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About The Eclipse Companies, LLC

We Deliver Diligent Management, Comprehensive Experience And High Performance Equipment To Every Construction Service We Provide

The Eclipse Companies, LLC is a union contractor certified FBE, EDGE, ODOT DBE & Ohio Turnpike DBE, RSB, NEORSD (WBE & MBE), LPE and SBE providing earthmoving, excavation, roadway rehabilitation, underground utilities, structural concrete, demolition and hardscape construction services. We complete your commercial, industrial, federal, state and local government projects - with the highest levels of safety, quality, timeliness and satisfaction.

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Our Success - Attributed to Our Resources

A responsibility big or small – we have 100 plus employees who are trained, certified and experienced to handle earth moving construction assignments of varying magnitudes.  

Our team of experts are equipped with high tech, well maintained equipment and machinery, providing a detailed and cost effective solution to our clients.

Inspiring Leaders

The Eclipse Companies, LLC are always aiming higher, inspired by our committed and devoted leaders.

Jennifer J. Agresta, CEO of our company and Tom Agresta Jr., President - together, they motivate us:

Our Quality

We are committed to delivering quality.

At The Eclipse Companies, LLC, we take pride and ownership in our work. We are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality to every project. We invest in quality people and equipment who continue to enhance our service capabilities. With the right people, equipment and processes, we successfully bid on and perform quality construction services for our customers.

The Eclipse Companies, LLC recruits Project Managers, Estimators, Office Personnel, Surveyors and Superintendents with years of field and business experience. We utilize GPS technology and HCSS Heavy Bid, Heavy Job , Dispatcher Construction software and Foundation Accounting software for organized project management and accurate accounting.

Our Integrity

We believe in building relationships on elements of trust and honesty.

The Eclipse Companies, LLC is a family owned and operated business - we understand the value of relationships based on principles of integrity and honesty – they are essential to our success.


We believe quality is accomplished with talent and the right equipment.

We recognize one of our most valued assets is our talented workforce. At every level within our organization, we employ individuals who utilize their collective knowledge and experience to get the job done right, the first time. The people, the equipment, and expertise to tackle the toughest jobs and solve the most difficult problems – in the most effective manner.

We Understand Our Social Responsibility

The Eclipse Companies, LLC is a certified FBE, EDGE, ODOT DBE & Ohio Turnpike DBE, RSB, NEORSD (WBE & MBE), LPE and SBE union contractor; our organization understands its social responsibility.

Contact us today - we are here to facilitate your projects.

Charity Work We Have Provided

our hero volunteers

On a rainy Sunday in 2015, just after Hero's Rock roof collapse hit the news, Tom Agresta, Jr. of The Eclipse Companies, LLC volunteered his equipment, lined up donated dumpsters and his awesome employees volunteered their time on a cold and muddy day to come out and help.

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