Technology & Equipment

Experienced people, high quality equipment, advanced system technology 

We Are Geared For Your Project Success

At The Eclipse Companies, LLC, we are committed to delivering valued services to our customers. Be assured we are geared for your project success, no matter how challenging and complex the project dynamics.

Our promise as a contractor is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality construction.

We Work to Protect America’s Construction Industry

Quality of Equipment

From graders, rollers, excavators, and compactors to truck fleets and skid steer loaders - we effectively perform excavation, hardscaping, demolition, underground utility management and other site development works. We equip a youthful fleet; ready to face every challenge and deliver on every project.

Care of Equipment

The Eclipse Companies, LLC employs an in-house team of maintenance experts, which implement an active maintenance program to keep our equipment and machinery in peak condition. Scheduled maintenance audits are conducted on a regular basis, ensuring the machinery operates at maximum efficiency. 

geared for success

Availability of Equipment

With the use of advanced HCSS GPS equipment tracking software and HCSS Dispatcher scheduling software, we are able to effectively allocate, track and manage our fleet of equipment, helping us avoid scheduling conflicts, otherwise resulting in missed deadlines - helping our customers to save time and money.

We Support Our Projects with Technology

As a company, we understand the benefits of integrating technology in our projects for better management, streamlined reporting, efficient planning and increased productivity. 

+ Site Supervisors, Project Managers and Field Personnel are able to Update a Project’s Progress from the Site.
+ Project Managers are able to Effectively Resource Raw Materials, which Accounts for Better Management, Increased
   Productivity and Efficient Planning
+ GPS Technology Allows us to Operate Our Equipment and Machinery with Precision