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Project Consultation

The Eclipse Companies, LLC will meet with you to discuss your project requirements, including deadlines. Our team will review the plans and specifications - we deliver the consultation process tailored to your request.


With your requirements and deadlines in mind, we will create an initial proposal to meet your goals. Proposals are created via HCSS Heavy Bid software for an accurate Estimate.

Project Management

The Eclipse Companies, LLC will make final submission for your review. With all of the documents and specifications in hand, we will commence with project scheduling and coordination to meet your needs.


Crews and Equipment will arrive on site to turn your project into a reality and success. Our team is considerate and driven to meet your project deadlines, through continuous safe work practices.

Roadway Rehabilitation

We combine quality practices with extensive experience to restore the health of your roadways, streets and bridge systems.Roadways, streets and bridges are continuously exposed to heavy stresses, loads and forces of nature.

Providing roadway rehabilitation in Cleveland - The Eclipse Companies, LLC a certified FBE, EDGE, ODOT DBE & Ohio Turnpike DBE, RSB, NEORSD (WBE & MBE), LPE and SBE union contractor.

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  • Repair Of Highways

  • Repair & Servicing Bridges

  • Pavement Rehabilitation

  • Street Reconstruction & Repair

  • Restoration of Underground Network Utilities


Site Work

We are dependable and responsible experts - we handle any earth moving projects, ensuring the best and efficient use of available resources and maintaining the environment - a primary priority.

The Eclipse Companies, LLC is a full service site work union contractor certified FBE, EDGE, ODOT DBE & Ohio Turnpike DBE, RSB, NEORSD (WBE & MBE), LPE and SBE headed by able leaders and supported by experienced workforce, serving the Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina areas.

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  • General Site Work - Land Clearing, Demolition, Grubbing, Moving Dirt, etc

  • Site Preparation - GPS Controlled Fine and Mass Grading, etc

  • Erosion Control

  • Underground Utilities Installation and Management - Storm and Sanitary Sewers and Water Mains

  • Installation of Aggregate Base


Underground Utilities

We focus on individual details of every underground utility construction and maintenance project, tailoring an approach to complete the job successfully and safely.

Today the team at The Eclipse Companies, LLC, proudly accents its work portfolio with a number of important underground utilities projects which continue to serve the local communities of Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

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  • Underground Utilities Network of Water, Gas and Main Sewer Systems

  • Installation of Lift Stations

  • Utility Trenching

  • Ensuring the Existing Network of Underground Utilities Remains Intact and Does Not Incur Damage During Excavation

  • Road and Bridge Repair

  • Storm Water Drainage Installation and Repair


Structural Concrete

We transform your project plan into long-lasting structures of reliability, durability, and aesthetics.

Eclipse Companies, LLC is a licensed union structural concrete contractor, certified FBE, EDGE, ODOT DBE & Ohio Turnpike DBE, RSB, NEORSD (WBE & MBE), LPE and SBE performing work in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina - serving clients from the local, state and federal governments, as well as clients from private, industrial and commercial sector.

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  • Earth Retaining Structures

  • Reinforced Concrete for Bridges

  • Concrete Support Columns

  • Foundation Slabs

  • Road Pavement

  • Water Retaining Structures



We provide the best fit solutions to enhance the landscaping architecture of your property with our customized hardscape construction services.

“To construct a hardscape feature for your property which seamlessly blends with its landscape architecture, and embellishes the aesthetics in the most graceful and natural of ways.”

To achieve this, we employ the best hardscape construction team in Cleveland and provide them with the equipment and machinery for a precise and skillful execution.

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  • Stone Retaining Wall

  • Concrete, Brick, Flagstone or Tile Paver Patio

  • Provide Landscape Materials

  • Grading and Drainage

  • Pond Landscaping

  • Water Features

  • Sleeper Walls

  • Entry Walkways and Steps


Our Promise and Values

The Eclipse Companies are dedicated to delivering total satisfaction to our clients through teamwork, quality workmanship and valued relationships.

Our commitment, to this mission, will provide the successful Eclipse customer partnership, 100% satisfaction, day in and day out.  In order to facilitate our success, all employees will be treated fairly, in a safe work environment and will be provided extensive training and continuing education.

Over 1,500 combined years of industry experience

Our aim is to continuously exceed the expectations of our client to deliver quality construction. Our team members verify all features of work

best materials

Our partnership with our clients is based on mutual trust and we do what is best for our clients following our company’s values and methods.

professional standards

To become an industry leader, it is important for us to encourage team work in order to solve any construction challenges and to achieve results.