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Roadway Rehabilitation

We restore the health of your roadways, streets and bridge systems
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Our Roadway Rehabilitation Services

We combine quality practices with extensive experience to restore the health of your roadways, streets and bridge systems.

Roadways, streets and bridges are continuously exposed to heavy stresses, loads and forces of nature.

Providing roadway rehabilitation in Cleveland - The Eclipse Companies, LLC a certified FBE, EDGE, ODOT DBE & Ohio Turnpike DBE, RSB, NEORSD (WBE & MBE), LPE and SBE union contractor.

Specializing in the repair and servicing of highways, streets and bridge systems, We have the experience and resources to execute projects and complete them on time and within budget. Pavement rehabilitation, street reconstruction and repair, reinforcing of a bridge structure or the restoration of underground network of utilities.

Our Roadway Rehabilitation Projects

Explore our project portfolio:

Road Rehabilitation Services Provided:

  • Highway, Street and Bridge Repair
  • Pavement Replacement
  • Drainage Projects
  • Sewer System Restorations

The Eclipse Companies, LLC expands its scope of services to clearing and grubbing of the site and enforces environmental and community protection measures.

Our Experienced Team

The Technical Team and Project Managers at The Eclipse Companies, LLC are experienced and knowledgeable - we understand the specific needs of every individual roadway rehabilitation project. As a company, we value our human resources, as well as equipment - all mandatory requirements to successfully complete a project.

Serving Your Best Interest

As a company, we establish long term relationships and strive to serve our customers' best interest - based on the principles of honesty and integrity.