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Founding Member of I Build America

We aim to protect the past, present and future of construction in America
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I Build America – We Stand in Support

The Eclipse Companies, LLC is a union contractor and proud founding member of the “I Build America” movement, standing shoulder to shoulder in the support of the construction industry.

Construction Professionals: We Value You

We respect every construction worker out there, working hard, who make it possible for us – the whole community, to commute safely, knowing the roads and bridges will support our journeys.

We Work to Protect America’s Construction Industry

We Aim to Share the Inspiring Construction and Site Development Projects Which Serve the Nationwide Communities
We Aim to Communicate Challenges We, as an Industry, Face During the Execution of Construction Projects
We Aim to Showcase the Technological Aspects Involved in the Operational Process of our Construction Industry
We Aim to Protect the Past, Present and Future of Construction in America
We Aim to Inspire the Next Generation and Help Them Realize, Yes - Construction is a Career You can be Proud of

Join us and support “I Build America”.

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