Founding Member of I Build America

We aim to protect the past, present and future of construction in America

I Build America – We Stand in Support

The Eclipse Companies, LLC is a union contractor and proud founding member of the “I Build America” movement, standing shoulder to shoulder in the support of the construction industry.

Construction Professionals: We Value You

We respect every construction worker out there, working hard, who make it possible for us – the whole community, to commute safely, knowing the roads and bridges will support our journeys.

Join us and support “I Build America”.
Our promise as a contractor is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality construction.

We Work to Protect America’s Construction Industry

+ We Aim to Share the Inspiring Construction and Site Development Projects Which Serve the Nationwide Communities.
+ We Aim to Communicate Challenges We, as an Industry, Face During the Execution of Construction Projects.
+ We Aim to Showcase the Technological Aspects Involved in the Operational Process of our Construction Industry.
+ We Aim to Protect the Past, Present and Future of Construction in America.
+ We Aim to Inspire the Next Generation and Help Them Realize, Yes - Construction is a Career You can be Proud of.

2017 Construction impact award


Eclipse Company


Lagrange Twp, Ohio

Expected Completion Date:
December 2016