Our Commitment to Safety

We understand the risks and dangers our challenging job brings

Our Safety Practices

“The Eclipse Companies, LLC prioritizes to provide a safe environment for everyone – our employees, our customers and our communities, taking steps to minimize work related risks and eliminate any condition directly or indirectly endangering their safety.”

  1. Promoting Safe Work Practices and Policies for Safe and Healthy Working Conditions
  2. Providing Employees with Protective Gear and Safe and Well Maintained Equipment
  3. Providing Employees with Training, Education and Supervision to Work Safely at Job Site

Health, Safety & Drug Free WorkPlace

The Eclipse Companies LLC is strongly committed to providing a safe workplace while delivering to the customer the highest quality product. The Company has established and enforces a robust and proactive Health, Safety, and Drug Free Workplace Program. The Eclipse Companies LLC has a full-time safety manager who trains all levels of field staff, while monitoring adherence to safety policies, and who reports directly to the president.

Safety Culture

Our promise as a contractor is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality construction.

Safety Practices and Policies

At The Eclipse Companies, LLC we provide:

A Compatible Work Environment for All

As an employer we exercise a strict, no tolerance approach against social, religious, gender and racial discrimination of our work force. Everyone is equal and has the access to explore every growth opportunity helping propel their career in the right direction. If, any case of workplace harassment or oral defamation comes to our notice, we take strict action.

A Safe Work Method

Whether it is an excavation job, demolition assignment, roadway rehabilitation project or general site work, every task requires the exercise of different safe work practices to counter the challenges associated with each project. Our Supervisors and in-house team of safety experts conduct a thorough survey of the site and design a safe work method for each project.

A Drug-Free Workplace

We exercise a drug free workplace policy through the implementation of BWC drug free safety program - to make sure our employees are in a physically and mentally able condition to execute the assigned job successfully and safely.

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In House Regulatory Checks

Our in-house team of safety experts conduct scheduled inspections of every piece of equipment, vehicle, machinery, and stocked protective gear, to prevent on-site failures and accidents.

Dynamic Training and Informative Sessions

Eclipse Companies, LLC organizes in house training sessions for our employees to make sure they are well versed about the on-the-job safety practices and protocols, which helps them avoid dangerous situations. If a dangerous situation is encountered, our team can respond intelligently and appropriately.